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Conductive Grid Tape CGT-50

Product Code: CGT-50

Product Size: 50mm x 36m


Conductive Grid Tapes are three layer tapes that have a conductive grid buried between two static dissipating co-polymer substrates. They provide an anti static non-sparking surface on both the inside and outside that will not shed, crack, chip, or rub off. They are packaged on a 3" core with an ESD symbol printed on the tape. These conductive tapes are used in packaging products that are static sensitive and require EMI shielding. They can be used for grounding as well.Tape Size range:W(1~1200)mm x L(36) meters,Custom sizes are available upon request.

Applications: 3D Printing, Aerospace Assembly, Automotive Facilities, Electronic Assembly, Fiber Optics Manufacturing and Solar Panels.

Technical Data Sheet:

 Part Number

 CGT Series

 Conductive grid layer

 10E3 ~10E5 Ohms/ sq


 Clear black,Brown

 Co-polymer resistance

 <109 Ohms/sq

 Total Thickness


 Tensile length

 160N/mm sq

 Adhesive type



 < 100 volts



 Static decay

 0.5 Seconds

 Material type

 Co-polymer Substrate

 Max Temperature



 ASTM D257,D882

 HS code



Standard Size:

 CGT-06  Conductive grid tape - 6mm x 36m

 Conductive grid tape - 10mm x 36m

 CGT-12  Conductive grid tape - 12mm x 36m


 Conductive grid tape - 19mm x 36m
 CGT-20  Conductive grid tape - 20mm x 36m


 Conductive grid tape - 25mm x 36m


 Conductive grid tape - 50mm x 36m


 Conductive grid tape - 76mm x 36m


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