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Copper Conductive Tape COT-25

Product Code: COT-25

Product Size: 25mm x 50m


Copper Tapes are also known as EMI or RFI Shielding Tapes. They are made from thin copper foil with an acrylic conductive adhesive. These conductive tapes are packaged on a paper liner on a 3" core for easy handling and cutting. The Copper tapes provide a very low rate of electrical resistance. They are used for building ground systems, static charge draining, cable wrapping and surface contact to non-solderable material and point to point electrical contact. Tape Size range:W(1~1200)mm x L(50) meters,Custom sizes are available upon request

 Applications: 3D Printing, Aerospace Assembly, Automotive Facilities, Electronic Assembly, Fiber Optics Manufacturing and Solar Panels.

Technical Data Sheet:

 Part Number

 COT Series

 Electrical resistance

 10E3 ~10E5 Ohms/ sq



 Adhesion Strength 

 >35 oz/in

 Total Thickness


 Breaking Strength 

 25 lbs/in

 Adhesive type

 Conductive Acrylic

 Acrylic Shielding Effectiveness 

 >85 db



 Static decay

 0.5 Seconds

 Material type

 Copper film 

 Temperature Range

 -40°C to 130°C


 MIL STD 202,D3330

 HS code



Standard Size:

 COT-06  Copper Conductive tape - 6mm x 50m

 Copper Conductive tape - 10mm x 50m

 COT-12  Copper Conductive tape - 12mm x 50m


 Copper Conductive tape - 19mm x 50m


 Copper Conductive tape - 25mm x 50m


 Copper Conductive tape - 50mm x 50m


 Copper Conductive tape - 76mm x 50m


 Copper Conductive tape - 100mm x 50m


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