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Mylar Tape MT-20

Product Code: MT-20

Product Size: 20mm x 66m


Mylar Tapes are made of 1 mil thick polyester film and 1.5 mil thick silicone adhesive. They can be removed cleanly without leaving any residue. These tapes are packaged on a 3" core and are 72 yards long.Tape Size range:W(1~1200)mm x L(66) meters,Custom sizes are available upon request.

 Applications: Electronics industry insulation, such as transformers, motors, capacitors and other types of motor, electronic components of the insulation bandaging.

Technical Data Sheet:

 Part Number

 MT Series

 Peel Adhesion




 Tensile Strength 


 Total Thickness

 2.5 Mil

 Adhesive Side

 Single Sided

 Material Type




 Adhesive Type

 Water Activated


 Compound Substrate




Standard Size:

 MT-03  Mylar Tape - 3mm x 66m

 Mylar Tape - 6mm x 66m

 MT-08  Mylar Tape - 8mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 10mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 12mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 15mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 19mm x 66m
 Mylar Tape - 20mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 25mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 32mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 38mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 51mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 64mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 76mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 89mm x 66m


 Mylar Tape - 100mm x 66m


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